Play dat thang!

Lon Eldridge & Ed Huey

A collection of original, down-home, feel-good blues to satisfy your soul.

Let the church say, "BOOM SHAKA LAKA!!!"

Released March 29, 2013.

Lon Eldridge: acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, washboard, vocals. Ed Huey: harmonica, acoustic guitar, electric cigar box guitar, diddley bow, vocals.

Mixed and mastered by Brett Nolan.

Cover art and graphic design by Hara Paper. Shoe sketches by Tine Vercruysse. Photography by Alanna Weaver. Additional artistic contributions by Gary Hamilton and Jane Huey.

Ed and Lon would also like to thank: Sharon Huey, Joe Filisko, Mark Kinniburgh, Eric Parker, Lisa Flores, Clayton Whetmore, Lou and Lynn Wamp, Kevin Masiulis, Jesse Kindred, Lonnie and Connie Eldridge, Rick Waters, Lane Gregory, Brian Bradford, Geoff Roehm, all our Kickstarter backers, Jedd Lovel, and our loving and supportive families.

Dedicated to the memory of Helen Sherrill.

Songs written by Lon Eldridge, unless otherwise noted. © Ⓟ 2013. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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