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**NEW RELEASE** “The Island” is now available! 

The Island", the fifth studio release from Chattanoog multi-instrumentalist Lon Eldridge, was recorded in isolation during the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine. Get it at LonEldridge.bandcamp.com

Special thanks to: Parker Allen, Emily Kate Boyd, Jama Jacks, Zach Serleth, Choro das 3 


Released June 11, 2020.

Lon Eldridge - electric/acoustic/resophonic guitars, lap steel, bass guitar, ukulele, vocals  

Guest musicians (in order of appearance):  

Tom Morley - 5-string fiddle on “Blue Amberol Blues”  

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New album available May 18th, 2018! 


"Cool Iron" by Lon Eldridge & Steven Troch 

"Eldridge’s finger-picked resonator guitar and vocals mixed with Troch’s soulful harmonica make for a classic combination. The two rely not on modern technology but on musicianship and feeling to create honest acoustic music that’s good for the soul." -Eric Noden 

Available digitally MAY 18TH at LonEldridge.bandcamp.com

Coming July 27th to Jazzanooga... 


Travel to far-flung locales via the arcane medium of 78rpm record and let the music of exotic lands enchant and excite your eardrums! DJ Passé (Lon Eldridge) takes you on an epic audio journey spanning 24,901 miles and 24 countries in just two hours. That's enough to make Verne's own Phileas Fogg jealous! These antique recordings, gathered from the four corners of the globe, will be presented upon a stunning 1905 Victor V-2 external horn gramophone and a c. 1925-30 HMV Model 103 for…

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Late-night Machinations... 

Every so often, I endure a bit of criticism because of my preference for mechanically (non-electrically) reproduced sound over electrically amplified recordings. This preference isn't just something I hold to because it's "hip" or "nostalgic". I truly believe that mechanically reproduced sound is the purest, most natural method of sound wave reproduction there is, and a territory that has gone vastly unexplored and undeveloped since the invention of electrical recording in the 1920s. In defense against my…

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CD Release Party! 


Proud to announce that my third studio album "Long Gone" will be released June 25th at The Honest Pint as part of River City Rumpus, the most exhilarating, titillating, and thrilling shindig that Chattanooga is likely to see for a long while! Appearances by Subterranean Cirqus, Cutthroat Freakshow, Eric Odditorium, Scarlett Storm, Lacy Jo, Lon Eldridge, and many more!

I'll be selling the CD for a special introductory price, so be among the first…

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"Long Gone", my third studio album, will be available in late June 2015. Keep your eyes open for details about American and European release parties.

Swamp Sessions #1 

Hey, y'all. Did some filming out in Honey Island Swamp on Sunday. Check out the first in a series of videos entitled "Swamp Sessions" under the video tab now!

Open Spaces collaboration. 

Hey everyone, check this out. I've just done a little collaboration with Joel Ruiz and Open Spaces as part of one their projects downtown. Open Spaces takes empty storefronts and enlivens them with light, art, and interactive installations. If you go to the 7th and Broad St. shuttle stop, you'll see my vivacious visage lighting up an interactive touch screen about Chattanooga history.

So, for those of you that have always wanted to touch my moustache, but never had the gall, now's your chance! Go check it…Read more

Mission accomplished! 

Well, one of the big goal's I've set for my music career this year is finally a reality. That's right, this website! Can't tell you how good it feels to have a piece of .com real estate.

The other big goal I've set is to film some current, high-quality videos that better represent my current look and sound. Those will be up before the end of the year, fingers crossed, so keep an eye out.

Another big announcement...

This May, I'll be departing for my first ever SPRING European tour, and perhaps taking some…Read more

The Island

Lon Eldridge

"The Island", the fifth studio release from Chattanooga multi-instrumentalist Lon Eldridge, was recorded in isolation during the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine.

Special thanks to: Parker Allen, Emily Kate Boyd, Jama Jacks, Zach Serleth, Choro das 3
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